Not Menton Again! No, Grimaldi.

I seem to be obsessed with the place! When I saw this postcard up for sale I recognised the place instantly and had to have it. All my other postcards of the Menton border are from the French side. Here we have the frontier from the Italian side.  And of course it is not Menton now but Grimaldi. Oh, it’s such a great place for car spotting, isn’t it?

The Cars

So what do we have here? An Alfa Romeo 6C 2500. Nice!  This is the Freccia d’Oro variant – the Golden Arrow. I guess it’s returning to Italy from a trip to Monaco or the French Riviera.

And a Fiat. At first glance I thought it was a Topolino but when you look more closely it’s a much larger car than the little 500. This is the four door 1500 with groovy door handles.

The Postcards

The postcard was posted on 26 July 1938 from the border with an Italian stamp to Saint-Germain-de-Livet in Normandy. It’s written in French and has a funny message. It translates – ‘I don’t think we are in Italy. I was only allowed to the frontier. We are having good weather. Lots of Kisses.

Here are my other Menton postcards. If you click them, you’ll go to the original post.

Next year we’re driving from the French Grand Prix to the Austrian Grand Prix. (It will be on my other blog – Beam Breaking).  This is our road! I’m not sure what I’m more excited about; the GPs or seeing that triangle!

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