Two Ladies and a Car

Remember this one from five years ago? (Epping Jag Passes Black Hole)

Well I have just been given another fantastically surrealistic postcard.  How about this!

Crag Path Aldeburgh

Why?  I’ve asked this so many times about postcards. Why oh why did the photographer take this photograph for the postcard and why did the company select it? And why didn’t they crop the car out? And who? Who would have bought it? Mine’s never been posted so no clue there.  A sense of humour I think.  I do like those two formidable ladies in their hats, gloves and matching home made dresses, but we’re here for cars. So let’s turn our eyes left.

At first I thought it was painted on the wall, but on closer inspection I realised it wasn’t and a quick double check on Google Street View confirms it.  It seems that back then the ground was painted the same colour as the wall. Odd. But not as odd as that car.

Very unusual! Headlights in the grille, big side lights on the ends of the wings, A wooden (?) strip along the side and is that a large air scoop at the back of the bonnet? And those wheels… white side walls or is that the rim?

It’s probably a 1957 Rambler Rebel, which were made under licence in the Renault factory in Haren in Belgium, but how it got to sit by the wall in Aldeburgh we’ll never know. Maybe they were on holiday having crossed on a ferry to Felixstowe, just down the road from Aldeburgh. I’m certainly not aware of any being registered on British roads. A rarity indeed and one undoubtedly passed unnoticed by our two ladies in their Sunday Best.

1957 Rambler

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