A British Peculiarity

What have we here, pointing the other way?  A blue (they were all blue),  three-wheeled (they were all missing one), Invacar.  Part of the British landscape in the fifties and sixties. What were we thinking!   An “invalid carriage” built for one. Oh dear.

Here’s a great video that talks about the history of these strange little cars…

And here’s a BBC article that talks about why they disappeared: Gone for a decade: The invalid carriage.

But let’s finish with a YouTube video by HubNut. He bought two non-runners. People will undoubtedly ask Why? He wanted to restore one of them to take to the Festival of the Unexceptional in 2018 and bought the other for spares and I totally get it.  Did he do it? Well, check out HubNut’s YouTube channel. There are 42 videos in Invacar playlist. Great stuff! Project Invacar Parts 1 to 42.

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