Three Wheels on my Wagon

Postcard old car

What a building! So many chimneys and so many windows! And what a collection of cars! The one that intrigues me is the one with the bonnet that is just a little too long. I’m guessing it’s a coachbuilt shooting brake body and maybe a Humber Super Snipe. To my mind it’s about 1950… the headlights are integral with the front wings and there are no running boards so we are in that period where wings had joined the body but still looked like appendages. The shape of the rear side windows is interesting…What do you think? Have a good look.

The Marine Hotel is still there (it changed hands in 2015 for £7m) though the cars are not quite so interesting (yet).


So did you have a good look at that long-bonneted shooting brake? Did you notice that something’s missing? It’s odd what you see you in postcards when you’re looking carefully.







5 thoughts on “Three Wheels on my Wagon

  1. I was on that very spot, on my unforgettable, three-weeks’ tour from Dover to NW-Scotland (v.v.), summer 1990. By Triumph Spitfire 1500. Best holiday ever.

    1. You’ve been in my postcards before, Rob! I seem to remember you knowing the exact spot shown in a card in Eastbourne. If you could go back to only one place from that road trip where would you choose?

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