Colourful Chagford

Chagford postcard

What marvellous colours in this old postcard. Not real of course but quite delightful. Such a blue sky, such lovely pink curtains in all the windows above Collins Draper and Outfitter. The reality is somewhat different as shown in these screen-grabs from Google Street View. When the Google camera vans finished mapping the UK they started all over again, so now when they revisit an area we can explore it at different times. They’ve been to Chagford three times: 2009, 2011 and 2016. What a fascinating resource for the future.

After peering at postcards for a long time you sometimes see things that you completely missed at first. Two postcards from past posts spring to mind: the missing wheel in Three Wheels on my Wagon and the man at the window in People and Cars in Oslo Here it’s the man on the roof.

Anyway, to cars! This is a blog about cars in postcards after all.

The standout car must be that magnificent Riley RM which has been colourized with a tasteful olive green. The other car with a split windscreen is a Standard Vanguard. The garish green car is a Triumph Mayflower. The car between the maroon car and the silver Standard is a Morris I think, as might be the van behind the Riley, though I’m not 100% sure. The little car all on it’s own? Perhaps an Austin Seven.

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