Postcard Ford Cortina Mk 1

Postcard Ford Cortina Mk 1



I asked on twitter if anyone knew of any other cars that used these rear lights and Colin Mee came up with the following…

Lola Mk6 GT Chevrolet

This is a Lola Mk6 GT Chevrolet and the image comes from the Thanks, Colin!

EDIT 20 FEB 2018

I’ve found another one! Here’s an Australian Cortina 440 Fastback. Not the prettiest car I’ve ever seen but I do like the lights! For more information see Wikipedia.

Cortina 440 Fastback


2 thoughts on “Three into One

  1. Maria Piotrowska

    Bit of crap parking on t’bridge there, but I love the van. Just needs some tickets.

  2. Maria Piotrowska

    Tickets = TLC and damn spellcheck.

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