Wow! Where do we start? We’re back in the sixties in Milan. Piazza Belgioioso and there at the end is the 18th century Casa di A. Manzoni with its later (1864) red terracotta facade in renaissance revival style designed by Andrea Boni.

In front of it and totally in keeping with the angular Boni lines is a Giuseppe Scarnati designed Alfa Romeo. The boxy little type 105 Giulia.

Then what do we have? No no, don’t go to that gorgeous Lancia yet! First notice that quintessentially Italian scooter. Vespa or Lambretta? I think from the front mudguard that it is a Vespa but they look so similar. Either way it’s good it’s there.

OK now let’s have a look at it. The main event, a 2.5 litre Lancia V6 Flaminia GT. What a beautiful, graceful car. One of my absolute favourite Italian coupes. The Flaminia coupe and GT were both designed and built by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in Milan. It’s perfect! Look at the side windows, the shape of the door, the curve of the roof, the length of the boot and overall proportions, the wheel arches… Everything perfect.

Shame about the scratch on the door.