Classic Italian Lancia Flavia saloon car

What a charming family group.  My guess is that uncle Gregario and aunt Floriana were just about to leave after visiting the Bianchis. It’s a nice day in Rome, the Lancia is wet as there’s been a short summer shower but now that they’ve arrived at the car Ignacio no longer needs his umbrella.  While Lina and Floriana continue to chat (will they ever stop?) Guiseppo has taken off his jacket and put it inside the car ready for the off when Antonio (he’s the brother of Martina in the red shoes) shouts Aspettare! Let me take everyone’s picture! (He has recently been given a new camera).  Sorridi! (Say Cheese!) And here we have it –  his parents, his sister (where is she now?) and his uncle and aunt all caught in an instant for all time. And of course also captured is uncle Gregario’s Lancia Flavia, built up north in Turin.

Classic Boxy Alfa Romeo vs Classic Boxy Lancia

This is a good follow up to last week’s post A Contrast of Italian Style because this time we have a boxy Lancia rather than a Boxy Alfa.  I’ve been seeing quite a few photos of a Lancia Flavia recently because, as a follower of the excellent Retro-Speed (online) magazine, I  have been following Peter Baker’s trip in his Lancia Flavia to Monte Carlo to cover the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.

Lanca Flavia Rear - Peter Baker

Lancia Flavia - Peter Baker