Two years ago on this blog I posted about the Lovely Little Corsa and the Grey Old Village.


There is a sad follow up to this now. See Notorious yellow car vandalised in Bibury


Being quite partial to yellow cars myself and owning the one below, I thought I might take a trip down there and park up near by in solidarity.


Anyway, that’s not a postcard, but here is one, and I have not photoshopped it I promise.


This is Main Street, Westport, Connecticut, USA in the seventies. Now who on earth bought that Triumph Herald and what did they think of it? You have to wonder, don’t you?

One thought on “Yellow

  1. Maybe someone who wanted something small, but no VW Beetle? Similar thoughts of the owner of the Volvo 121 (Amazon) estate car, four cars further down. The Land-Rover’s owner had his own opinions too, buying no Jeep but this one. The Herald probably got its yellow coat from an artist…

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