Viva! Accord?

In the days before social distancing! At least the cars are maintaining a safe distance.

I came across this photograph on the Kidderminster Past Facebook Group. It shows a 1972/73 Vauxhall Viva HC two door saloon. HC Vivas returned to the straight through wing line of the HA, which I always thought was a shame as I liked the Coke Bottle design seen on so many General Motors cars in the sixties.

HB with pinched waist coke bottle styling

The car on the left is a Mk 3 Cortina but I’ struggling with the car on the right.

Initially I thought it was a series 1 Honda Civic but now I am not so sure. The lights look wrong. It’s not a hatchback as can be seen by the external hinges for the boot. Anyone know? If it is a Civic, how they have grown! I’ve got a Civic Type R at the moment which would dwarf the Cortina let alone that Viva.

And why are they queuing? To buy bread. This is 1977 and the time of the flour shortage. We called it the Bread Strike.

4 thoughts on “Viva! Accord?

  1. Almost correct! It’s the N360 or N600 (numbers referring to engine size), Honda’s little kei car (around 1966-1970). Rare piece outside Japan, but there are some left in the UK and on the European continent. As you noticed, there are hints of the yet-to-come first Civic’s shape. The car on the photo shared technical components with the N600 Coupe, that incredible ‘miniature version of the Jaguar E-Type’, as it’s often called.

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