Morecambe but not Wise

Here’s one for a friend of mine who complains I have not posted for a while. He’s a real petrolhead and has had a string of interesting cars but long long ago in his youth he bought a car which casts doubt on his judgement. There’s one here. Guess which one?

3 thoughts on “Morecambe but not Wise

  1. Who knows? Was it the Morris?
    I see a blue Rapier (Sunbeam) at the far end of that line. In North America we had them shipped here as the Sunbeam Alpine GT. If an eskimo had no clue from the name they might think you meant a make of snowmobile.

  2. Most well-known models, no need to talk of them. Far right a Fiat 127 (my first motor) and a seventies’ Sunbeam Rapier which might be the one you’re referring to. Nice, unusual car!

  3. We’ve got a Vauxhall Viva (likely to be a base model, definitely not a Magnum as it has plain hubcaps), a Morris Minor, a base Ford Cortina MkIII, a BMC Farina (Morris Oxford or Austin Cambridge, and another driving past), a mustard Morris Marina Coupe, a Fiat 127, and a Sunbeam Alpine. It’s 1971 onwards. Of those, the poor old Marina is the least cool these days, so I would guess that is the one your friend owned.

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