Standing with your back to traffic in the San Bernado tunnel under the Alps does not seem like a good idea to me.

It opened in March 1964 and already looks old and dirty. I guess it’s about four years old as that Ford Anglia 105E Estate looks quite new and rust free and they were produced from 61 to 67 and the Fiat 124 didn’t come out until 66.

One thought on “Tunnel

  1. The Anglia is the typical Italian version, with its obligatory amber coloured front wing indicators.
    The Fiat might be the same age as the Ford, being the 1300/1500 type (1961-1967) which echoed the Chevrolet Corvair and NSU Prinz body style.
    There are similar postcards from the same period as this one, with awkwardly ‘photoshopped’ added, wrongly sized cars flying just above the road surface !

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