What a view!

Of course I love this postcard. That’s what we car lovers do, take a photo of dramatic scenery with our car in it. Other people think it’s daft and that the car spoils the view. To me it tells a story.

This Le Tourmalet in the Pyrenees and the car is, I think, a mid-thirties Renault. It’s right-hand-drive, but luxury French cars were back then and it has many features in common with a Renault Vivasport.

1935 Renault Vivasport.

Here are a couple of my own photos of a similar ilk taken from my other blog Beam Breaking.

Somewhere in France in an S2000 from France and Spain in an S2000
In the Picos de Europa in a GT86 from Day 8 Picos y Alonso
The Alps in the GT86 from To Italy and Back Day 12
Alps again this year from On the Road to Monza

And sometimes I combine postcards with road trips…

From Roadtrip to Spain Part 1

One thought on “What a view!

  1. Yes, right-hand-drive cars (and lorries!) were quite common in Italy and France. The driver had better views on the dangerous edges (just right of him) of narrow mountain roads and an earlier view into an approaching left corner, also to be taken along the road edge. This is why many continental rally cars had RHD too.
    Nice photos!

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