Suicide doors

In the last post I posed the question – What design feature do the Rover and Sunbeam have in common which is rarely seen on any car these days?

As some of you correctly stated, it was the doors opening in different directions.

Modern Rolls Royce Ghost

But the best working of this concept, aesthetically, if not structurally, must be the Lancia Aurelia (1950-58) which did away with the centre pillar.

Are there any cars with suicide doors on the front and conventional doors on the rear, i.e. both doors hinging on the centre pillar? I can’t think of any.

2 thoughts on “Suicide doors

  1. There are quite a few. You’ll certainly say “Oh, of course!” after reading ‘Riley RMA’ and ‘Jowett Javelin’. And what about the Citro├źn 2CV (first decade), Panhard Dyna and PL17, Renault 4CV, Peugeot 202 and 203, Seat 800 (look for a picture!), Fiat 1100 (1950’s), Auto Union 1000 (DKW shape) and the big Borgward Hansa 2400?
    By the way, Bob, I thought of you this very afternoon, while volunteering at the Louwman Museum (The Hague) and admiring its 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Search for a photo and you’ll know why…

    1. Just been reading about that Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. What an extraordinary car! I wonder whether the battery was prone to going flat with all those motors to power. Your Louwman Museum looks great. We always visit a car museum when we travel. Next time we’re in the Netherlands we will go the The Hague. We were intending to go Zandvoort for the Grand Prix but of course it was cancelled.

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