More Suicide Doors – Of course!

Continuing the theme of suicide doors, I said in my last post, “Are there any cars with suicide doors on the front and conventional doors on the rear, i.e. both doors hinging on the centre pillar? “

Well, Rob van der Klugt displays his encyclopedic knowledge once again, leaving this comment:

There are quite a few. You’ll certainly say “Oh, of course!” after reading ‘Riley RMA’ and ‘Jowett Javelin’. And what about the Citroën 2CV (first decade), Panhard Dyna and PL17, Renault 4CV, Peugeot 202 and 203, Seat 800 (look for a picture!), Fiat 1100 (1950’s), Auto Union 1000 (DKW shape) and the big Borgward Hansa 2400?
By the way, Bob, I thought of you this very afternoon, while volunteering at the Louwman Museum (The Hague) and admiring its 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Search for a photo and you’ll know why…

So let’s see what these look like.

Riley RMA 1.5 litre with hinges visible on the centre pillar.

Jowett Javelin (Image from Car Style Critic)

Citroen 2CV from

Panhard PL17

Peugeot 202

Renault 4CV

SEAT 800

A mid fifties Fiat 1100

Auto Union 1000

Borgward Hansa 2400 – image from

Borgward Hansa 2400 fastback with suicide doors front and back! – image from

And while searching for the images above I came across this Fiat Multipla…

1956 Fiat 600 Multipla

So that’s Rob’s list of cars with both front and rear doors hinging on the centre pillar. While searching for the image for the 1950s Fiat 1100 above I came across this earlier Fiat 1100 with no centre pillar at all.

1937 Fiat 1100 with suicide doors at the rear.

Another regular reader,Neil M, emailed with the answer – a Citroen Traction Avant. Yes indeed, Neil, but no there is no prize 🙂

Both doors hinging from the centre pillar in this Traction Avant. This is the long wheelbase version. Note the people in the very back! Image from

Another reader, Graham D, reminds us of the Jaguar SS. Thanks Graham.

1938 Jaguar SS with suicide doors only at the back.

And that’s it with suicide doors! If you want more, try these links:

The Suicide Doors’ Backstory

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Suicide Doors are Back – 2019 Lincoln Continental (Youtube)

2 thoughts on “More Suicide Doors – Of course!

  1. Thanks for the thought provoking list of cars. The new Lincoln Continental is – at last – a stunning looking car, and might sell well in Europe, with a resemblance to a LWB Jaguar. It has many safety related features, but in the video listed it pulls away, at night, with no lights on. From my knowledge of modern cars and auto light settings, I thought this was almost impossible! Look after the basics first.

    1. Very observant! I guess the lights came on when he unlocked the doors with the fob and that turned on the courtesy beam on the ground. Then when the doors closed that went off and the driver pressed the brake pedal turning on the brake lights and then, yes, you’re right the brake lights go off and… no lights. Maybe you can turn off the automatic or always on lights. I’m old school and prefer to control them myself, though I do have auto dipping on mine which I quite like.

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