Keeping Cool in Paris

On the left, with what looks like a huge Mercedes badge on its nose, is a big De Dion-Bouton autobus.

Before the first World War De Dion-Bouton buses were a common sight in Paris (and New York too) but undoubtedly this one would have been requisitioned by the army in 1914.

The postcard is unposted and not a reproduction, so I was quite pleased to have found it.

The ‘badge’ is no badge at all, not even a De Dion-Bouton one. It’s a cooling device called a¬†Goudard et Mennesson centrifugal radiator and sometimes called a Solex Radiator.

Here are a few more vehicles with such devices.

This image comes from PreWarCar website and an article called No No, Not a Mercedes!

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