No imports for Fordingbridge.


I received this postcard in the post today from a friend who looks at this blog. Market Square and High Street, Fordingbridge sometime in the sixties.  There are two remarkable things about this photograph. 1) there is not a Volkswagen Beetle in view. Normally you see a street scene from the sixties and you have all the usual British stodge as in this scene and then you notice a Beetle lurking somewhere in the middle distance. 2) The sky.

From left to right: BMC Mini Countryman/Traveller, Vauxhall Victor, Morris Minor Traveller, Austin A40, BMC Mini van, Hillman Imp, Triumph Herald, Ford Popular, Commer Cob (i.e. Hillman Minx van), Vauxhall Victor.  From down to up: a very smooth road with no markings, the sky.

Thanks, Senga.

3 thoughts on “No imports for Fordingbridge.

  1. Sorry, without wanting to be rude: I’m very sure the Austin A40 is an Austin A55/60 Countryman, or perhaps the Morris Oxford Traveller equivalent! The sky is summer-like, seen on hot days, slightly restless, so possibly a day before some thunder. But of this detail I’m somewhat less sure…

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