High Inn but Fire’s Out!


So, what have we here? Ford Corsair, Austin A30 or A35 (on the other side), Austin Seven (Mini) and Triumph 2000/2500 and something else which may be something rear-engined? And the Warren House Inn.

I  had a pint in there this summer after a long walk across the moor and met a coach load of Austrians who were on holiday but I didn’t notice a fire. This is odd because on the back of the postcard it says, “The Warren House Inn has been standing isolated high up on the Moor half way between Moretonhampstead and Princetown, for hundreds of years. In olden days it lay on a busy pack-horse track, the centre of several tin mines. It is the second highest inn in England, and it is famous for its fire, which has been burning continuously for over 120 years in the old fireplace.”  Someone must have got careless and let the thing go out and once out, well why bother?

It also says “Dear G&G, Hullo again. Just to let you know we are still around and enjoying ourselves with trips around Devon and Cornwall. Hope you are both well and that we’ll see you again soon. Love H&M.” That was in 1979 when you couldn’t update your Facebook status so sent everyone a card.

I wonder where the highest inn in England is and whether I can get a postcard with a car outside.  What a great hobby!

3 thoughts on “High Inn but Fire’s Out!

  1. Dear Sir,
    Just discovered your blog! Great pleasure.
    That something rear-engined is a Renault 4CV.
    Regards from The Netherlands,
    Robert van der Klugt

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