Higher and Higher

If you remember my post of 22 October 2014 High Inn but Fire’s Out of the second highest inn in England, you may recall me saying that I’d try to track down a postcard of a car outside the highest inn in England, wherever that might be.  Well, here we have it, The Cat & Fiddle near Buxton with three cars outside. Not my era so I can’t identify them, but they are certainly cars and this is certainly the highest inn in England.

cat and fiddle buxton

But wait! What’s this?

tan hill


No car  – one wheel short  – but forty-two feet higher!  What a place! Look at that guttering!  What a card! Why would anyone buy it with those three chaps on it arguing about whether it’s jacket weather or not.

This card, of course, should not be on this blog (see About) but I just had to have it and will replace it if ever I find another one of Tan Hill Inn with a car on it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t give the height of the the Warren House Inn on that card.


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