Goings on in Eastbourne

The Grand Parade, Eastbourne

What caught my eye on this postcard was the little Renault 4CV parked up close and cosy to the Jaguar.  Not what I would have expected in this scene.

I wondered when Renault stopped making them and looked it up on Wikipedia (July 1961) and what did I find? A photo of a 4CV and a Jaguar! Is there something going on I don’t know about?  I’m going to be on the look out from now on for any Anglo-French shenanigans.


Sorry about the clarity of the postcard – the original is fuzzy too. On the back it says “Telephone 2740 Eastbourne” which I guess was number of the Cavendish Hotel.

One thought on “Goings on in Eastbourne

  1. Ah! That Renault 4CV drove the long way from its Eastbourne parking space to the Warren House Inn (22nd October). Jaguar there?…
    Robert van der Klugt

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