Can it be a Cord?


No wonder that boy on the bike has stopped!  What is it? A Cord? A Cord 872?  In Devon?  Wow!  Why?  How?  It’s run me out of punctuation marks

5 thoughts on “Can it be a Cord?

  1. The famous (1937) Cord 810 and 812 indeed had a splitscreen rear window and an overall streamlined body. However, those windows were much more like triangles. The shape of the boot, rear wings and bumper were quite different, as was the location of the license plate. I have tried all the USA car makes now, and even Rolls-Royce and other British specials, as well as several Talbots and Delahayes, but found not any vehicle similar to the one on the postcard. Sorry for a search pause: I’m run out of question marks…

  2. How about this one then? I asked my friend and model car fellow-collector Alan Turner (moved from England to Holland long ago) for help. He answered promptly: “Humber Super Snipe 1938. On this photo the light and shadow interfere with the shape of the bootlid. The wide track indicates that this Humber is an ex-army staff car. One of the many that were on offer after the war.” Hurray for Alan, with an exclamation mark!

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