An Austin A40 and a Mink Coat

When I  travel I sometimes look for a postcard of the place I’m going to and try to find the place captured in the postcard. Recently I went to Copenhagen and bought this postcard before I went there. It’s out of focus but how surprising that there’s an Austin A40 in the picture!  The other surprise I got was when I read the reverse.

Does it really say ! I found my earrings in the pocket of my mink.” I didn’t know mink coats had pockets. You live and learn.

And today…

2 thoughts on “An Austin A40 and a Mink Coat

  1. It’s not so surprising to see an Austin A40 passing the Tivoli entrance in Copenhagen. Some miles away the Dansk Oversøisk Motor Industri (DOMI) had an assembly plant where many BMC (later: Leyland) car types were built. Quite popular cars, with different names like Mascot for the Mini, Marina for the Morris 1100 and Futura for the Pininfarina A40. Small-scale collectors might like to know that this explains the several interesting Morris and MG models made by the Danish firm of Tekno. The bootlid of their Morris 1100 really shows a ‘Marina’ decal!

    1. You never cease to amaze me, Rob! How do you know all this stuff! Thank you. You add to my enjoyment of my hobby 🙂

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