Nice view over Varna!

This is Bulgaria. Varna on the Black Sea. A lovely warm sunny day in the late sixties and the happy couple have stopped at a view point to take a picture. Behind them pulls in a postcard photographer who thinks their presence and that of their baby blue car adds interest and so we have a picture of a woman taking a picture of a scene.

The postcard was posted in 1970 to Leipzig and the photograph was probably taken in 1969 or thereabouts. The registration plate is interesting as it has black characters on a white background indicating that this was a state car, as opposed to a privately owned one and was registered in Yambol province in south eastern Bulgaria, neighbouring Turkey.

The car is an East German Wartburg 311 1000 Coupe. These had three cylinder, two-stroke, one litre engines driving the front wheels. I would love to hear one. What a noise it must make! I would love to smell one too!

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