Swiss Time Pass

Postcard Swiss Chalet Citroen

Here we have a nice selection of cars parked outside a hotel on the Sustenstrasse Pass in Steingletscher, Switzerland in the early sixties I imagine.  Nice Citroen DS in the foreground and a couple of Beetles back left. Not sure what the others are but can that really be a dowdy Austin (A55?) in the middle?

It’s interesting to see how the building has changed over the years… We’re now in the seventies and that looks like an Austin 1300 GT next to the white VW van and we have a little Mini next to the red VW crew bus.  That was some drive for those two!


And today…  nothing really excites me here.



One thought on “Swiss Time Pass

  1. The building hasn’t only changed, but lost quite some atmosphere, too… The chrome surrounded flash on the top photo Austin tells me that the car is an A95. Interesting 1956 Plymouth Belvedere alongside the two VW Beetles. Far left 1952 Chevrolet and ’54 Fiat 1100, and far right a Fiat 1400 behind Mercedes 180. Second photo (left): owner at the boot of the modest, first post-war type Audi (the 60) which was a final type DKW but with four stroke engine. Next to the 1300GT, the owner takes a rest leaning on the bootlid of his Volvo Amazon. Despite all the changes, a stay in the hotel will be as pleasant as ever!

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