A Victor up against the Wall

Postcard a Vauxhall Victor

A Vauxhall Victor 101 from the mid sixties at Parkgate near Ellesmere Port in Cheshire in the seventies.  This is the rare VX4/90 model, the high performance and most luxurious variant in the 101 range.

The 101 (aka FC) had a number of interesting features – it was the  first British car to have curved side window glass, which you can see in this photo, the sidelights and indicators were incorporated into the bumpers and the bumpers abutted the bodywork rather than being located away from it on brackets. This VX4/90 would have had a high compression 1500cc engine with twin carbs and an alloy head and might have had a limited slip diff, which was available as an option.

The following photos come the Vauxpediant website. I never knew any  FC Victors had walnut dashes and I love that boxy air filter casing with its triple intakes.




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