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I was looking at another WordPress blog, called midihideaways, because the author, Andreas, had posted some pictures of old postcards  that she had collected over the years showing Saint-Chinian, near to where she lives in the south of France and had also posted some of her own photographs to compare then and now.  (Postcards from Another Time).  It is a great blog with lots of interesting pieces about that part of France.  Makes you want to take a holiday there or upsticks and go and live there.

Andreas’s postcards show a historic and beautiful town. My postcard of Saint-Chinian does not. However, what we do have is slightly odd, I think.  Two open topped British sports cars parked on different sides of the street. A Triumph Spitfire Mk I on the left and a Triumph TR4 on the other side. My guess is that the photograph was taken in the early sixties. Was there a Triumph dealership in the town? I wonder whether Andreas, if she ever drives down Route de Cessenon, will stop and take a picture of what it’s like now. Triumphs have long gone but maybe there’ll be Jaguar or Lotus parked there now.

(Sorry about the quality of the image by the way, I thought when I bought it that when I had the actual postcard in my hand it would be better than the scan on ebay, but alas it isn’t.  It’s an odd card to buy to send to someone, don’t you think? Even if the image was sharp. C’est la vie).

2 thoughts on “Saint-Chinian Triumphs

  1. what an interesting picture – it has the feel of having been taken a long time ago. I don’t remember ever seeing that ugly building, but perhaps that was during construction of the new school. I’ll be happy to take a “current view” for you!

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