I’m never quite sure, when I see one of these cars from Rootes, whether it is a Hillman, Singer or Humber. Of course they were all basically the same but with different trim levels, slight differences in styling on the same body shell and sometimes different engines. The most basic model was the Hillman Super Minx , then came the Singer Vogue and at the top of the range, the Humber Sceptre. Someone will know.

I like them. They had adventurous styling for British sixties’ cars with their fins and rear light arrangements, that glorious wraparound rear window and, on the Humber and SInger, twin headlights. And then there were those unique almost semicircular indicators on the MkII Humber. Good to be different.

Some were undoubtedly two tone but surely not like this. It’s either a really bad spray job or the photographer thought there was too much white in the car for his verdant composition and added some blue to match the roof. Terrible. I think it’s probably his car too. That woman is bored out of her mind. They’ve come to the New Forest for a nice day out and the old man’s faffing about with his camera again. She’s not going to say Cheese! The boy’s fed up too. The little girl probably had on a white top and shorts but he sorted that out with some green and orange tint.

What’s this coming down the road? A Singer Chamois? A Hillman Imp? Difficult to see but he can’t wait for it to pass if he is to salvage today’s picnic.

This postcard was posted on 25 August 1972 by Jessie, who tells her friend in Hassocks that the weather is “just grand”. She makes no mention of a husband and so can say she is having a “lovely holiday.”

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2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. The model of the car was proudly displayed in chrome on the leading edge of the front door. I can see something written here, but not too clearly. If it is two words, it would be a Super Minx. The approaching car is some Imp derivative, but I don’t think we can say anything about the model, although the coupes (Stiletto etc) had a lower windscreen.

  2. I hadn’t realised that about the lower windscreen on the coupes but it’s obvious now you say it. Thanks for your comment.

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