Jaguar XK140

Portmadoc Jaguar



Jaguar XK140


Nice mid fifties Jaguar XK140 there on the left.  The message on the back of the card, which was posted on 13 April 1965, says “I thought I would send you this card with the Town Hall on it as it won’t be there next time you will come as they are busy pulling it down.” Looks a fine sturdy old building to me, so am surprised it didn’t survive. I wonder whether that Jag did.

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  1. Such a shame, that building. The Jaguar XK 140 (1954-1957) is an XK 150 (1957-1961). It’s overall modernized body at last had a one-piece, curved windscreen, and the wider front grille is visible on this nice postcard as well. The chances to survive probably have been better for the Jaguar than for the approaching Simca 1000. Which now would be the rarest one of the two!

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