Learning in a Panhard


Postcards are odd things. Very often they don’t seem composed very well and I often think, why didn’t the photographer just wait a minute for that dirty old truck to pass or why didn’t he just move a pace to the left to avoid having a lamp post in the middle of the picture.  But in a way that’s what’s interesting about them – they’re just snapshots of moments from the past.  Another odd thing about them is that the printing process often results in slightly blurred images.  Like this one, which despite saying proudly on the back “Plastichrome by COULOURPICTURE Made in the U.S.A. Published by J Hammersley, Boscombe” is very grainy.  But I’m off topic… What have we here?  A French Panhard  Dyna Z (made 1954 to 1959) driving through Brockenhurst in the New Forest with an L plate plonked right over its mouth. What a shame! The front of those Panhards was very distinctive with the name badge above the grill in a nice arc and the number plate beneath curved the other way and in the middle, obscured by that Learner plate,  another headlight. Pity we can’t read the number plate. WAM349? 849? It had an aluminium body so maybe has survived.

One thought on “Learning in a Panhard

  1. Interesting that you can’t really repeat the scene with Google Street map.

    I pulled up the same shot and all we have is a nice blurred red sports car. Maybe something nice like a Lotus Elan or Ferrari…however I suspect it’s an MX5.

    Regards David

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