No Beetle in King’s Lynn

King's Lynn

When I see old photos of sixties’ Britain I am always struck by how many British manufacturers there were and how few foreign cars were on the roads. However, if you look back through the postcards on this blog you’ll see one foreign car time and time again – the VW Beetle.  What’s surprising about this postcard is that there isn’t one.  In fact the only foreign car I can see is the red Renault 16 five cars up in the fourth row from the left. Odd. Can you see anything else?

4 thoughts on “No Beetle in King’s Lynn

  1. Yes! Beetle’s nephew Volkswagen 1600 TL Fastback. Dark-coloured, third from the right, between Anglia/Prefect and Consul, behind (‘above’) light blue Vauxhall Viva. Rare piece; VW’s first attempt to produce a middle-class car.

    Rob van der Klugt

    1. So difficult to tell but you could be right. They has circular headlights in square recesses… not that you can tell in this fuzzy image.

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