Fifties Jag in Sixties Scotland

hotel jag sm

Look at that Mk I Jaguar with its flowing lines and  full spats over the rear wheels!  This one’s got a tow bar; I wonder what they pulled with it.

I can’t quite make out the black car in front.  Looks like a Fiat perhaps or a Lancia; possibly left hand drive.

The hotel is the Lochearnhead Hotel on Loch Earn in Perthshire, Scotland. I don’t know what happened to it – it looks rather grand – but the name is now used by a much more modest family run establishment.  Maybe it’s not in Lochearnhead? It’s a tiny place. Someone will know.

On the back of the postcard, which was posted on 30 August 1967, it says, “Had a very good trek yesterday – the weather cleared and was hot. I’m on a white gelding called ‘Fac Va’ [?] – has a good mouth. Heather is gorgeous…”  Doesn’t say whether she was staying here or anything about the cars she’s seeing. Odd.

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  1. The black car in front is a Fiat 1300 Berlina (1962). My dad had one. Nice motor! Had the same looks as the 1959 Chevrolet Corvair and the NSU Prinz 4.

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