Iconic cars in Malta

VW Type 1 Transporter and Jaguar E Type

It says on the back of this postcard “Looking away from Valletta, Malta’s capital city, towards the Triton Fountain and the suburban residential area of Floriana.”

We can add “And noting a Volkswagen Type 2 (Single cab Transporter pickup) and a Jaguar E Type roadster on the the bridge in front  of the City Gate”. (We can also see a couple of VW Beetles and a couple of Minis behind.)

Two nice juxtapositions

In in the Type 2 and the E Type we see the shortest bonnet – well no bonnet, and the longest bonnet.

And looking at the Beetles and Minis we have rear wheel drive and rear engined Beetles and front wheel drive and front engined Minis.

Germans and Brits in Malta.

Some Dates

The VW Type 1 (Beetle) was launched in 1938.

The Type 2 (Transporter) in 1950.

The E-Type in 1961.

The Triton Fountain was built between 1955 and 1958 and has been restored twice.

The Bridge in this postcard has gone, to be replaced by a narrow pedestrian bridge.

One thought on “Iconic cars in Malta

  1. The car that’s chasing the black Volkswagen is a bit roomier than the Mini behind the bus, being a Triumph Herald Estate. The green Malta buses were one-off works of art, handbuilt by small local firms on old Bedford (and other English) chassis and using body parts from a wide variety of cars. Those were the days…

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