2 thoughts on “All Change!

  1. Nice to see the white Triumph Spitfire (early type) on the top one. Discovering the Cotswolds in the 1990’s, I parked my ‘1500’ somewhere there for a stroll and a refreshment in a humble tearoom nearby.
    Now the question: which card is the older one? Apart from the type of cars and the general atmosphere (colours), the road markings seem to be the giveaway. The Lygon Arms welcomed its Citro├źn-travelling guests a few years earlier than the ones that arrived by RR.

    1. That is a very interesting question. I hadn’t noticed the road markings. For a minute I thought the tree had been cut down in the Citroen postcard, so making it the second of the two, but no it is still there. What’s strange is that the ivy growing up the wall looks the same in both postcards. Anyway, I think you are correct but could do with more evidence. I’ll look out both cards and check the backs for clues. Best wishes,

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