Postcard of Shrewsbury

Little Change from a Moving Car

Postcard of Shrewsbury

I can’t identify anything here but I found myself being driven through Shrewsbury last weekend and seeing the same place, which I recognised from┬áthe postcard in my collection. So here’s the same place snapped from a moving car in 2015.



I much prefer used, posted cards than immaculate unposted old postcards as the messages can be so interesting. I think it was last week that I said I couldn’t make out any words because the handsriting was such a scrawl, well this one is just the opposite – very neatly written…

Neat handwriting on old postcard

2 thoughts on “Little Change from a Moving Car

  1. In front of the Bedford lorry is a Singer Nine Roadster that would possibly suit Peggy and Sophie on their holiday. Both cars were born soon after the war. The beautiful vehicle near the camera obviously survived that event, maybe in a safe estate lock-up garage. It looks expensive-when-new. And now, in case it’s still around! I’m afraid I can’t identify this beauty yet. Its registration number (GC…?) could give a clue.

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