From the Caribbean to Cheltenham Spa


Posted on 21 AugustĀ 1971 from St Lucia to an address in Cheltenham Spa in Gloucestershire, this postcard shows quite an assortment of British cars from the sixties and one very nice turquoise Beach Buggy.

One thought on “From the Caribbean to Cheltenham Spa

  1. Indeed lots of St Lucianos bought British, obviously. And besides the rhd(!) turquoise Buggy there’s another one opposite. Of neither of them I know the make. The big car at the front is a 1969 Holden HK Premier, made in Australia. The two non-British VW Beetles are joined by a Fiat 125 behind the palm tree. The lovely scene almost makes me feel the warm climate, and the fact that these cars will not rust so quickly.

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