Posted by Rob in April 1934. “We spent the night here quite good. Left home at 5 o’clock, breakfast at Sleaford, lunch at Leeds, got there 12 o’clock, left 4.30. B having quite a time at the brewery.”

The postcard was sent to Harlesworth in Suffolk so I’m guessing that’s where Rob’s journey started.

Lots of awnings over the shop windows in Ilkley. I checked the place out on Google Street View and the left side of the street hasn’t changed much at all apart from a lack of awnings.  I guess air conditioning has done away with the need for them.

Not quite sure what AWY115 is and I’m not sure I like that huge ungainly hood, but I do like the flash of contrasting paint down its flank. Could it be a 1933 Bentley 3.5 litre, two door convertible?