A grey day in Glasgow, 1958.


What a wonderful black and white photograph!  1958, a gloomy winter’s day and even in colour those cars would be black.  This comes from the The Glasgow Story website where its interest is related to the cinema in the background – the Pollok, but for us the interest is in the gleaming  two litre Sunbeam 90 Mk III with its winter radiator blanket and suicide doors.  In the background a man in white overalls polishes the bonnet of a Standard Vanguard and on the left a very rare car (now and then) – an Austin Sheerline Limousine with its GB badge for ‘continental touring’. One side of the Austin’s bonnet is hinged up so it isn’t simply parked there. And who’s the man at the pump with hat and overcoat struggling to do something in the wind? Is he the owner of the Sheerline? He doesn’t look like a chauffeur.  The photograph was taken by an employee of Glasgow Corporation’s Architectural and Planning Department and my guess is that KGE122 belongs to him.

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