Frisky Sport!

I saw this photograph on the BBC website today and it leapt out at me as a great example of a classic car caught unawares in its natural environment. The photo was taken by Jack Roberts (1917 – 2005) and the BBC reports that there is to be exhibition of his photos of the streets of Norwich called “Portraits of Life” as part of the Norfolk Heritage Open Days from 13-22 September. For the full story see – Norwich photographs reveal demolished, forgotten streets.

But let’s have a closer look at this little car, which reminds me a little of an Amphicar.

This is 1958 Meadows Friskysport microcar.

They’ve got one in the Bubblecar Museum in Lincolnshire.

For more information see the Frisky website.

The one in Jack Roberts’ photograph was probably on a test drive from The Pointer Motor Co. of Norwich who were distributors.

If I lived a little closer to Norwich, I’d go to that exhibition. Looks just my sort of thing!

3 thoughts on “Frisky Sport!

  1. Now, that’s a coincidence! The Louwman (motor) Museum, Netherlands, has a charming bubble car exhibition during the 2019 summer holiday months. As a volunteer, I enjoy the thirty little vehicles, of which quite a few are British products. Two Frisky’s (Coupé and Family Three), Peel, AC, Coronet, Bond, Allard, Berkeley, Unicar. And of course there are others, from Germany, France, Italy and Holland itself. Visitors’ stories full of nostalgia…

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