Blurry Jag and Merc

I don’t generally like this sort of postcard with its multiple images. The cars are normally too small. This one’s not very good for another reason; the images are fuzzy due to horrible printing. However, it makes it to the blog as it captures two quite rare and interesting cars.

On the left we have a V12 Jaguar E Type Coupe and in the middle picture a Mercedes 300 SE convertible (I think). On the right is a motor boat with a steering wheel.

All could be found in the Wirral. The Jag in Caldy Village, The Merc in Neston High Street and the boat on Raby Mere. It gives these locations on the back of the card where Ruth describes her teacher training experience in Sheffield in June 1980. Prior to this she had been a nurse at Queen Mary’s so she says, so I guess she’s retired by now.

JAguar E Type V12

1960s Mercedes 300 SE

It’s odd looking at these two. I normally think of E types in drop head form and those big Mercs with tin tops.

More pics of Jaguars from my collection are here – Jaguars in Postcards


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