A hot day on Anglesey.

Hotel Wern Anglesey_sm2

Sunroofs left open on causally parked cars at the hotel at Wern on Angelsey sometime in the fifties. It’s now holiday apartments and called Wern Y Wylan Court, but back in the day it looks as though this was the place for lunch for the well-heeled of the island. This is one of the first postcards I bought and I’ve spent hours trying to identify the car on the left.  Looks a little like a Mercedes, but but quite. What has that sort of radiator grill?  The one on the right is a Standard Flying Eight but that fine car parked a little apart? Nope. If you know, please add a comment and put me out of my misery.

2 thoughts on “A hot day on Anglesey.

  1. After thinking of Ford, Dodge and ‘a British Saloon'(!) on the left, I suddenly thought of a Hillman. Google confirmed: it’s the big Hillman 16 of around 1937/1938.

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