Vauxhall Wyvern

A Wyvern and some sheep…

Vauxhall Wyvern


… and some people and a bus, all come together at the Devil’s Elbow.

One thought on “A Wyvern and some sheep…

  1. Seeing all the chrome around the rear window, the owners of the Vauxhall must have been proud they could afford more than the standard Wyvern. They treated themselves on a Velox or even a Cresta! The coach is a 1949 Duple bodied beauty that began its life at the famous Midland Red company. The nicely placed (illuminated?) ‘Midland’ sign is just visable behind the heads of the two ladies in front of the coach. Which seems to do a faithful job in its second life, no longer on the M1, but in the Scottish Highlands.

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