mars hill

No Waiting in Lynmouth, unless of course you have a Bentley.  Love the couple with the dog, and on the wall is that a scantily clan young woman? But back to the Bentley… a 1939 4 ¼Park Ward Sports Saloon?   Behind it is an MG Magnette ZA. A nice contrast in pre war and post war four door sports saloon designs.

Later edit: Rob Geelen posted a comment in 2017 suggesting this isn’t a Bentley at all but a Jaguar. I’ve done a bit of hunting about on the web and think he’s right. Here’s a 1948 Jaguar. This photo comes from


I had identified it as a Bentley and don’t remember how now, but this is a photo of  Bentley from


It’s a Jag, isn’t it. OK, I’ll change the title of this post. Thanks, Rob.