Topless in Saint Tropez

What a fantastic postcard! The harbour in Saint Tropez in the fifties. The old buildings, the pavement cafes, the yachts, the people walking and cycling, chatting and staring. And the cars! So many!

Three or four caught my eye…

This right-hand drive, topless tourer might only have two doors but it has three door hinges per door and carries six people. It’s a Salmson S4-61 Cabriolet.

We’ve had a little run of these recently on this blog. Brits far from home. See the GB plate? It’s a Humber Super Snipe. Yes, we’ve had one of those too! – coming back into France from Spain in Humber on the Bridge. It couldn’t be the same one, could it?

Twins? Some twins dress the same. These two wear the same roof racks. Deux Peugeot 203s.

What do you see?

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