Oil Slick on a Sunny Day

Following on from my comments about postcard photographers in the last post, here we have another weird composition. Wouldn’t you have crossed the road and taken the picture of the two buildings (surely the subject of the photograph) so you didn’t get the oil slick in the foreground? Anyway, shouldn’t complain as we have nice Mark I Ford Cortina, a mid-fifties Vauxhall Cresta E missing its front wheel trim but sporting rear wheel spats and an almost a complete Triumph Spitfire. Down the road there’s a VW Type 3. Did it drop the oil I wonder?

So can you guess where this postcard comes from? Tell you next time.

One thought on “Oil Slick on a Sunny Day

  1. Thank you for mentioning Singapore the day after the day before. I wouldn’t have known the location, but spotted some international character. Besides several British-made cars and a GB-type number plate on the Cortina, we can see the black-and-white Opel Rekord, a USA motor (probably Chrysler) behind it, a Fiat Multipla(!) behind the palm tree, and -yes- the Volkswagen. The oil on the tarmac seems to be dropped down over many years. Lots of old cars and no MOT’s there? Nice to have another Spitfire in my ‘postcard’ collection!

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