Musings on a Mews

David Walker, Local Studies Librarian for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, has a wonderful blog called the Library Time Machine in which he posts and writes about some of the photographs he comes across “in the deepest sub-levels of Kensington Library” whilst looking through “dusty scrapbooks and anonymous looking manuscript boxes.”   Earlier this year he posted some photos of the area near Addison Place, London taken in the 1970s.  Quite a few fall perfectly into the “Cars on Streets” category.

Here’s one that intrigues me. Parked in the middle of the road (Ledbury Mews North, which is a dead end) is what looks to me a Lamborghini Espada – very exotic, very rare.  The picture was taken in 1972 so an Espada is possible, yet why can’t we see the  air intakes in the bonnet?  If it’s not an Espada, what is it?  It appears to have its registration plate in the front grille, which is odd, but I’m guessing that is a temporary arrangement. 

Ledbury Mews north north side 1972

Espada air intakes
Espada air intakes (for cabin vents not engine)

I like old photos like this, not just for the cars. Have you spotted the washing hanging out to dry?  A little different to the gentrified mews that’s there today.

Here’s a link to David Walker’s blog entry “Addison Place – Search for the Ford Capri


Postscript: My mistake.  It’s more likely to be a De Tomaso Mangusta.  They’re much rarer than Espadas, (much smaller and prettier too). Only 401 were made and only 150 stayed this side of the Atlantic.

a De Tomaso Mangusta
a De Tomaso Mangusta

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