Hunter’s Inn (Really!)

Love to Bertha

A nice selection of sixties cars. Imp, Anglia, Cortina and a couple of Victors. Pity there was no Hillman Hunter. The card was posted  on 15 August 73 from Bideford, Devon by ‘P’ to a Miss Houghton in Melton Mowbury in Leicestershire. Before signing off, P says “Love to Bertha”. Now that’s a name you don’t often hear nowadays.

The Apostrophe

The pub’s still there and doesn’t seem to have changed at all. What has though, is the name. Back in the seventies it was Hunter’s Inn. This struck me as a little odd as I would have thought it would have been for more than one hunter, nevertheless that was what it was called and what is written on the back of the postcard. Maybe it’s someone’s name. However, it’s now dropped that little apostrophe and is Hunters Inn. Progress eh?

That doesn’t, of course, stop some people chucking it back in. Somewhere near the S should do it 😉

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