Postcards from the family

POSTCARD022 from jon

The bright red VW Type Three in the foreground grabs your attention but I would think the commercial vehicle enthusiasts would be more excited about the green and white split screen Austin/Morris LD Van (or minibus?) coming up on the right hand side.

POSTCARD021 from jon

What a lot of roof! Ah, a nice little MG tucked away in the foreground. Thanks for these two bro!

POSTCARD017 3 cars bideford

One from my son.  An HA Viva before the rust got to it. 309,538 were produced (according to motorbase) but only 3 remain on the road in 2015 (according to  Wow, that’s bad!  Thanks, Seb.


And finally one from my Mum, picked up in Abergavenny market, unposted, probably brought back by someone who went on holiday to Leysin. I love this card, I love the scenery, the sky, the curve of the road, the architecture, the signage appealing to the English – and Welsh – tourists, and most of all I love that little Fiat sheltering from the sun in the shade of a tree by the side of the road. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Is everyone taking an afternoon nap?  I’ll have to go there and have a beer in Le Pelican!

Oh, perhaps not… I’ve just discovered it’s a Swiss Language Club study centre… Boo Hiss!


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