DAF undaunted by Welsh mountains




A DAF 44? It’s got an L plate on it suggesting someone had given up on manual transmission and opted to learn with DAF’s Variomatic  continuously variable transmission system. What could be easier?  Here seen outside the Fairy Glen Hotel in Dwygyflchi, north Wales.

2 thoughts on “DAF undaunted by Welsh mountains

  1. Almost correct! It’s a Daf 55, sharing the same Michelotti-designed body with the 44. The 44 had an upgraded 850 cc version of the two-cylinder engine that started life in the original Daf 600. The 55 was quite an improvement, having the 1100 cc four cylinder Renault 8 heart. On the outside, the 55 had larger rear lamps, and (which is the give-away on this picture) a real front grille with chromed horizontal bars.
    Your suggestion about the L-plate is not far beyond the truth: in the Netherlands people could obtain a special Daf driving license, which allowed them to drive a new automatic 600, and no other car. This measure had a tragic effect on the car’s image, because many an example was bought by elderly or disabled people. Which kept younger people away from the wonderfully constructed car!

    1. Very interesting. I never knew about that special licence. I think in the UK DAFs had a similarly mixed reception. People recognised that the transmission was sophisticated and interesting but the cars always suffered from an image problem and the performance was nothing to get excited about.

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