A Breakdown in 1903

Okehampton Castle

Okehampton Castle

Good friends of mine recently gave me this postcard and initially I thought they had misunderstood what I am interested in and collecting (i.e. postcards showing cars on street where the car is incidental to the picture) because there is no car to be seen. However, when I read the message I understood.

12 April 1903

All went well yesterday until 20 minutes to 4 when something went wrong with the accumulator! Of course we were miles from town but we managed to put the motor in a field and we got a  market cart to drive us to a little village inn. We were presented with the most lovely roses at a little cottage by the wayside where tea was offered us also.

The Inn itself smelt exactly like Ridge Cap and it was so comfortable.

Motor’s alright today. Have arrived at Bodmin.

So, what have we here? A Veteran car (one constructed before 1905), maybe similar to this 1902 Damiler?

Daimler 1902 Veteran Car

With a dickie accumulator – in other words a flat battery.



A market cart…

market cart

A smell like Ridge Cap? Ridge Cop? The only ridge cap I’m able to come up with is a roofing tile that sits on the ridge of the roof. Do they smell? I expect someone knows and will tell us.

ridge cap

And a journey in 1903 from Okehampton in Devon, where presumably they bought the postcard, or via Okehampton from an unknown departure point, to Bodmin in Cornwall where they posted the card.



Thank you Tracy & Paul, a great find.

This isn’t the first postcard we have featured from Okehampton. See Sport Prinz in Devon.

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