I don’t suppose you can park so close to the sea these days!  I can’t identify any of the cars (not my era) but the postcard was posted on 21 August 1926 to a Miss V Hunt in Haywards Heath.

2 thoughts on “Between the Wars in Eastbourne

  1. Robert van der Klugt

    That ‘orange’ boattail sportscar, far right in front, is on the same, safe spot as the Jaguar Mk II (besides Renault 4CV). I visit Eastbourne every year, and this parking bay is still there, amoungst much more. Yet a lot has changed, of course. Now Kias and Audis, and the silver roofed hall of the Pier is sadly missed. For the time being!

    1. Wow, I’m impressed that you noticed that! What a coincidence. Here’s the link for anyone else who stumbles on this comment – https://postcardsforpetrolheads.co.uk/goings-on-in-eastbourne/

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